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Welcome to our blog, Why the hell not? Yeah, I’m serious, Why the hell not?

Once a month our team will publish a blog post regarding lessons and experiences we’ve taken from our own lives (and we have many!) or examples of something we have learned about. Our goal is that by sharing our stories and experiences, we will help you get the most out of life by overcoming many of the fears that hold you back as well.

One of the common experiences that we realized we have had as a team is that we complicate, hesitate, or altogether avoid decisions that are not in our safety zone.

If you are anything like we are, it seems like every decision we make towards accomplishing a goal is often joined by a mental struggle. Nora, Rocky, and I educate ourselves daily. All of us enjoy reading, watching documentaries, and studying the stories of successful people and survivors.

Yet, for some reason, we discovered that we keep thinking that those people are different. But are they really? What’s different? What’s their secret? Don’t they worry about failure? Or are they just smarter?

Let’s stop and think about it.

When you’re thinking of trying something new, ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? Will it really matter a year from now if it doesn’t work out?” It is really no more than learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our minds were wired to think of how things could work out if pursued? I know it is easier said than done, but look, we need to start somewhere. Every time we pass on something because of the conversations in our mind, we could be missing out on a huge opportunity. What if we’re just one decision away from a totally different life?

This new method of thinking is changing our lives. We aren’t there yet. It has been a work in progress. However, the baby steps of just approaching opportunities with a different mindset has led to some amazing adventures for us.

So let’s work on this together. Let’s start with one simple change. When a decision needs to be made that forces us to stretch beyond our comfort zone and those hesitating voices chime in, let’s challenge them with one sentence: This could go right and change everything. So give it a shot! Why the hell not?

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