Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable What is Fear? We need it because it alerts us of danger. If you’re not scared when you’re doing something dangerous, it probably means you’re not really aware of the danger. Fear isn’t always a bad thing. So don’t crush fear, become friends with it. I have, and I even gave it a name: Helen. I realized that Helen has actually saved my life in the past when I was in dangerous situations. If it weren’t for fear (that uncomfortable feeling), I would not have acted in a way that protected me. Fear seems like a negative thing but more often than not in actually helps us. What I learned is that fear is an uncomfortable feeling. But it doesn’t just show up when we’re in dangerous situations. It also shows up when we are attempting to pursue something that can be amazing. Becoming friends with my fear (AKA Helen) has changed my perception of how I view it. I accept that fear is feeling uncomfortable, but now instead of trying to crush it, I try to work with it. In situations that can result in good things, I simply ask Helen to move aside at this time. Things aren’t dangerous now. I accept that the pursuit of anything worth accomplishing is going to generate the same uncomfortable feelings that show up to protect us from danger. But knowing how to tell the difference between fear-worthy situations and safe situations that are merely intimating is a vital skill. If a situation isn’t really dangerous but is merely scary because it’s something new or something worth pursuing, ignoring your fear can be a good thing. Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable can be the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. If you can’t accept a little of that uncomfortable feeling every now and then, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything worthwhile. Working with your fear instead of trying to avoid it can be a great move. I always thank Helen and have accepted her into my life. It’s made it easier for me to chase after my dreams and accomplish my goals. So why not give it a shot. Be comfortable with your fear and embrace that uncomfortable feeling. Why the hell not?

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