When it looks impossible, the resilient ones find the breakthrough. How?

When it looks impossible, the resilient ones find the breakthrough. How? I love watching the Olympics. This year, I was especially taken with the figure skaters. They skate across the ice effortlessly and make triple axels look like a breeze. Whenever I try to ice skate, I end up flat on the ice as soon as I try turning a soft corner. A spin in the air would be impossible. But what consistently amazes me is the amount of effort and work these athletes put into their performances. A three-minute figure skating routine looks effortless enough, but there are years and years of brutally hard work that go into making that end result so beautiful. For me, figure skating like that looks absolutely impossible. But those athletes have found a way to break through that barrier of impossibility and mastered their sport with so much skill. How’d they do it? Dedication! And hours and hours and hours of practice. The same goes for life in general. Do you ever see entrepreneurs and other crazy successful people and wonder how they manage to achieve their dreams while you’re stuck chasing after yours? How do they manage to be successful? What’s the difference between you and them? The answer is actually pretty simple. Truly successful people see something that looks impossible (like a triple axel) and they take it as a challenge rather than an impassable obstacle. They’re resilient. They don’t give up. And they achieve their goals because of it. We might not all be capable of competing in the Olympics (I know I’m not!) But we are certainly all capable of using that same level of dedication to reach our own goals. And there are a few easy steps you can take to become the type of person who breaks through these obstacles. -Don’t give up when you think something’s impossible. Things that at first seem impossible often prove to be a lot easier than you first think. Don’t be overwhelmed by how daunting your goals seem at first. -Break your goals down into specific steps. If you want to master a triple axel, master the double axel first. But before you get to that, master the basic moves. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, build up to it. You don’t have to go from novice to expert all at once. There are lots of smaller steps in between that will make your goals easier to accomplish. -Persist, persist, persist. Be resilient. If being great were easy, everyone would be successful. It’s not for everyone. Accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks takes immense effort. It takes a resilient person who’s not afraid of a daunting challenge. Embrace it! Be the type of person who is not afraid to achieve their dreams.

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