Say it like you mean it

Say it like you mean it! Have you ever heard someone say something that sounded completely true, only to later find out it was false? Some of the most convincing speakers I know say things with such confidence that it seems impossible they could be wrong. This definitely isn’t always a good thing (you don’t want liars convincing you of things that aren’t true!), but most of the time it’s an admirable trait. Being able to talk persuasively can be a hugely beneficial skill to have. It’s not just with friends and family, either. Politicians, business people, entertainers, teachers…some people have the ability to convince others just by speaking. I’m not talking about making people believe lies. You don’t want to do that. But some people are so skilled in presenting their points of view that their audience can’t help but take interest. The way they talk makes it sound like everything they say must be worth listening to. Now that’s a skill worth learning! So how do they do it? It’s not just having smarts or stating a sound argument. You can’t just read off a list of facts and expect to compel people. But it’s actually much simpler than that. It’s all about confidence! Your demeanor and the way you present yourself to others make a huge difference. People will be way more willing to listen to you if you seem sure of what you’re saying. When you truly believe in something, you have to say it that way. You can’t doubt yourself and you can’t come across as uncertain. Saying things boldly and with confidence is the key. Confidence isn’t just useful in speaking. It’s beneficial in almost all areas of your life. It’s true that people are more likely to listen to you and believe what you’re saying when you’re confident. But exhibiting confidence can be good for so much more than your powers of persuasion. It can boost your self-esteem, improve your social life, and even reduce stress! It might sound difficult, but trust me, it’s not! Truly, all you have to do is just put a little faith in yourself. If you believe in yourself and believe what you are saying, I think you’ll find that other people will do the same. And pretty soon, you’ll discover that you’ve become one of those convincing speakers yourself! Give it a try and find out!

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