Life goes on

 “Life goes on with or with-out you.” Song lyrics by Fergie. Sometimes you have to end relations that are comfortable but toxic. Have you ever looked back on past relationships and thought, “what the hell was I thinking??” I’m sure almost all of us have been there at some point. The reckless decisions we make when we’re young always seem so clearly foolish looking back at them later. But what if you were able to look at your current decisions with that same clarity? Would you make changes? Would you be able to see toxic relationships before they inevitably end in disaster? It can be hard to see relationships for what they are when you’re in the middle of them. Sure, it was easy to tell that your high school sweetheart was really kind of a jerk looking back on it years later. But when that relationship was just blooming, did you know it then? Take a moment and look at the relationships in your life—both romantic and otherwise. Can you see any signs that they’re unhealthy? Step away from your emotional investment and try to look at them objectively. Are the people in your life helping you to become your best self? Are they building you up, challenging you, and encouraging you? If they’re not, you might have to assess if they’re worth keeping at all. It can be easy to stay in relationships that are comfortable, but if they’re bringing you down, it’s not worth it. Ending those relationships could be what propels you into a better life. And remember, life will go on, with or without them. Fergie knew what she was talking about! So go on, don’t wait until you’re looking back at your life years from now wishing you’d done things differently. Surround yourself with people who make you better, and cut out the ones that don’t. It may seem harsh, but it’s sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. So what do you say?

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